AMP Design

Dolce Vlta @ Mandarin Oriental

What type of home is this? (4-room HDB/3-room condo/terrace house etc)

It is an F&B project/ restaurant in the hospitality building

How many rooms?

1 main dining area, and 2 dining areas at the sides.

What’s the floor size?

4000 sqft dining area -6000 sq ft (with kitchen area)

Describe the Clients:

What was the design brief? What kind of look did the owners request?

The owner revamped the whole concept of the restaurant, the new head chef brought in to revamped their menu as well.

The brief is to create a chill and relax ambiance, cozy yet refine with distinct Italian influence.

Which has to reflect the menu. It has to carry that Elegance, poise yet relax vibe.

What’s the most interesting design feature ?

It was the custom mosaic pattern and the viewing panels clad with raw The metallicus in brushed finished granite texture to the kitchen where they prepare the dishes, bellow it is the counter top that cater for buffet gathering if any.

We cladded the columns and bellow counter with a wooden venner to create that elegance panelling with metal trimming detail.

What were some of the challenges when designing?

The challenge is to actually for us to get the alignment right with the custom pattern mosaic tiles with the bar counter and structure column and existing wine fridge chiller that we couln’t reposition.

Please provide a description of each room, highlighting the most interesting design element. 

Bar area :

Special furniture/material:

The metallicus granite in brushed finished backing at the bar counter and wine display, gave it a strong texture and character to the design.

The veneer cladding bellow also created with some angle on the paneling to gave it some depth. Metal laminate cladding camouflage the entrance to the kitchen area behind.

Dining room:

Special furniture/material:

The mosaic tiles that customed that inspired by the Italian sicily majolica

Vintage  pattern to anchor the floor, gave it an Italian flair and homage to its roots and origin.

The existing column is cladded with dark textured veneer panel, with metal trimming that layed irregularly, in between these metal inlay, some wooden panel installed in different angle to gave more depth to the feature.

Wooden look alike tiles was chosen to gave a warm and relax vibe to the space. Fabric for the dining chairs was re-upholstered with a bright turquoise colour to gave that playfull, chill character and relax ambiance.

Designer Contact:

Name: Amanda Pang

Phone: 96939096

Email: [email protected]

Company Info:

Company Address: 114 lavender street #03-67 Singapore 338729

Company Phone: 96939096

Company Website: