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Living The Grid @ The Clementi Canopy

What type of home is this? (4-room HDB/3-room condo/terrace house etc)

2 bedroom condominium unit 

How many rooms?

2 bedrooms

What’s the floor area?

650 sqft

Where is this project located?

The clement canopy, clementi singapore

 What is the reno cost?


How long did the project take to complete?

Around 3-4 months

How many people live here? (Family with three kids / young couple / three generations under one roof etc)

Young couple in their early 30s

Describe the homeowners. (personalities/career background/habits/lifestyle/hobbies, etc)

Both lawyers by professions, has a photography interest, travel photography to the exotic places like kyrgiztan, Tibet, Nepal, India, northern china, Mongolia. They love hiking and have explore some of these places by foot as well.

What was the design brief? What kind of look did the homeowners request?

Industrial minimalist aesthetic with earthy colour tone. Also a place to display their photography, shelves to display their book s and souvenirs from their traveling and to grow some plants.

How was the above addressed through your design?


Much that we needed a lot of endurance and grit to climb and hike those mountains,

We take the overall grid concept into the design for the overall concept. From the moment we went in on the right will be the kitchen. To the hanging rack, bookshelf design dining feature wall.

We know that it should channel the natural kind of aesthetic, to complement their taste and love for travel to these exotic places. So definitely we go for the natural finishes. We clad the original painted wall with the cement screed being half of the space to create a close to natue feel like enclave.

We choose a veneer wood material to create and mimic the natural wood aesthetic on the bookshelf, where they can display their books, souvenirs and also the whisky bottles.

To not clutter the small space, we custom design a metal hanging rack, that act as a planter, also light and hanging display for the whisky and planter as well. To be the centre piece. Bellow is the natural wooden table with the blue veins from the tableguy and bench sitting.

We overlay the flooring with microcement finishes for the industrial and natural flooring feel.

The similar cement screed and natural wood element also applied to the master bedroom, we add on shelvings to display their smaller plants and paintings.

The other bedroom converted into the study area with the working table and grid design top hung shelves. Also we build a platform with storage to be the daybed and storage compartment for future kids room.

The outcome is a small, down to earth and cozy abode feels like a getaway/ small boutique hotel in the exotic places. Which reflects the couples personality.

What was the original space like? What elements were kept and what was changed?

It was a typical condominium unit with floor tiles. All the wardrobe, kitchen and toilet already in the unit, because it’s a new development.

We decided to keep the wardrobe which is in metal laminate finish to give it a polished look against the cement texture finish that we proposed to give the depth through the contrast of material.

The backsplash for the kitchen we overlay with the white grid tiles, and the glass divider we replaced it with the metal grid panel to hang their keys and clip some pictures.

For each toilet we layover with cement screed and one side of the walls with subway tiles in gradation tone to follow the grid concept inside.

What’s the most interesting design feature in this home?

It will be the feature wall at the dining area which is the mirror image of the bookshelf design. And also the bookshelf area.

The other highlight is we make use of the curve passage way corridor to be the gallery  to display their travel photography. Purposely to paint it in dark blue overall to the ceiling space to create the gallery look alike space.

What were some of the challenges when designing this house? How did you overcome it?

This is the first time we install microcement material the curing time, care  and precautions of more than 3 weeks set us back on our timeline  to longer period.

Please provide a description of each room, highlighting the most interesting design element. 

Living room:

Special furniture/material:
bookshelves area

Dining room:

Special furniture/material:

Feature wall and hanging metal racks, black walnut table with blue infill.


Special furniture/material:
grid like backsplash and metal hanging rack in similar concept.

Master bedroom:

Special furniture/material:
wooden shelves and cement screed walls. The dressing tables and bedframe are customade to our preference

Master bathroom:
Special furniture/material:
gradation tone of subway blue tiles to continue the grid concept.

Other bedrooms:

Special furniture/material:

Daybed platform and study table with the bamboo chick blinds making it a cozy space to relax

Other bathrooms:

Special furniture/material:

Other spaces/rooms:

Special furniture/material:

Micro cement

Texture wall in the dining area with custom grid design

Designer Contact:

Name: amanda pang

Phone: 96939096

Email: [email protected]

Company Info:

Company Address: 114 lavender street #03-67 CT hub 2 singapore 338729

Company Phone: 96939096/ 65042384

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