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Minimalist Peranakan @ Elite Park Avenue

What type of home is this? (4-room HDB/3-room condo/terrace house etc)

Terrace house

How many rooms?

5 bedrooms

What’s the floor area?

4000 sqft

Where is this project located?

Siglap, east coast area

What is the reno cost?


How long did the project take to complete?

1.5 years, extended to 2 years due to the COVID

How many people live here? (Family with three kids / young couple / three generations under one roof etc)

Young couple with 3 kids, grandmother and a helper

Describe the homeowners. (personalities/career background/habits/lifestyle/hobbies, etc)

Both are IT professional always travel for work, They have a peranakan family roots, it’s been homeowner aim to have a house with subtle peranakan influence and a minimalist aesthethic with clean lines.

What was the design brief? What kind of look did the homeowners request?

The main reason for the renovation is to have more bedrooms for the growing family, the kids has to have their own space and for the aging grandmother to have her bedroom downstairs, so she doesn’t need to climb up and down the stairs

How was the above addressed through your design?

The original plan is to extend the back portion only , but with the needs of the space and the need of hosting and gathering with huge members of extended family, we proposed to client to extend to the front as well.

This allows more space accommodated for the future addition of a growing family.

So what was originally a carporch now extended to be a living room and so on.

Everything kept stream line, the client wish to have the maximized storage for the big family but not too overwhelming.

So we created a store room hides behind a sleek white cabinet.

What was the original space like? What elements were kept and what was changed?

It was a typical inter terrace house where the look is similar. To each other, in the culdesac at siglap area. The pitch roof ceiling with limited air ventilation and opening.

What’s the most interesting design feature in this home?

It’s a double volume ceiling that mimic the peranakan shophouse and the minimalist feel of the whole space.

What were some of the challenges when designing this house? How did you overcome it?

There was a back and forth application and proposal to authority, the triangle roof has to be kept to still have the similarities of whole culdesac area.

Also the extended timeline because of the COVID period

Please provide a description of each room, highlighting the most interesting design element. 

Living room:

Special furniture/material.

Gathering area, with a cozy raise up floor at one side. The existing column addressed with a light feature. Double volume ceiling with the peranakan casement door.

Dining room:

Special furniture/material:

Open concept and spacious area for gathering, with the perakan tiles pattern and green mosaic backdrop.


Special furniture/material:
The Island cabinet as a centre piece with a rounded corner which is user friendly for the kids and elderly as well,

Master bedroom:

Special furniture/material:
a pitch roof ceiling that is the original woden truss structure, we open up the existing false ceiling to exposed this original structure and address it with a cove lighting. Double French door for to show the grand entrance and the existing balcony space that we conversted to be an enclosed baywindow area

Master bathroom:
Special furniture/material:
double vanity and the laminate use to mimic a natural wood finishes with marble tiles the contrast made the space looks clean and cozy

Other bedrooms:

Special furniture/material:

The girls room adorn with sculpted panel to order in from Malaysia to have intricate detail

Made the room looks timeless and age appropriate, direct connected to the study room opposite. This will be converted to junior master for one of the kids when they grow up.

Other bathrooms:

Special furniture/material:

Bathrooms to have a subway tiles for the touch of modern peranakan and rough peranakan terrazzo tiles. The rough texture will ensure the safety of the children and elderly.

Other spaces/rooms:
Special furniture/material:

Master study room with the similar pitch ceiling design, create enclosure withtin the space. Similar to peranakan hut with the peranakan doors. Add a unique surprised when you walked up to the landing  space.

This design approach was created to bring in extra natural light to the landing area as a common issue in the inter terrace development.

The grand 3rd strorey landing was adorn with wooden panelling that camouflage the laundry access panel, the existing all white vintage chandelier that client has kept all these years hung from the high volume ceiling.

Designer Contact:

Name: amanda pang

Phone: 96939096

Email: [email protected]

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Company Address: 114 lavender street #03-67 singapore 338729

Company Phone: 65042384

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